Real Estate

Papagayo Estates offers home and property ownership options to satisfy practically every budget and usage demand with low prices, low down payments, and GUARANTEED low interest financing.


The developers of Papagayo Estates are keenly aware that in today’s market, owner’s usage demand for vacation homes varies widely. Some want to buy a home and live or retire in Costa Rica full time. Some want to have a home of their own but only plan on using it a few weeks a year. Others want to secure their piece of paradise while the prices are still affordable and will build their dream home in the future. Yet others are simply interested in taking advantage of the amazing investment opportunity
As a result, Papagayo Estates offers home ownership options to satisfy practically every single buyer’s budget and demand:
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Purchase 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 ownership in an estate or villa. The perfect option for individuals who only plan on using the home a few weeks a year. Co-ownership is true home ownership, not a timeshare, which allows owners to rent their unused time on Air BNB and to share in the profit when the home’s value increases.

Lot Ownership

Purchase a building lot and build on it when ready. The perfect option for individuals who wish to own a piece of paradise but aren’t quite sure when they want to build. Buy a lot and have it paid off by the time you’re ready to ready to retire or simply “land bank” it and sell it for a profit as prices in Papagayo Estates increase.

Master Plan

Papagayo Estates’ Master Plan has accomplished the goal of creating a very exclusive, boutique style community, to absolute perfection. All roads within Papagayo Estates will be paved and all of the community’s amazing amenities are positioned in ideal locations to take advantage of the property’s incredible views and are a short walk or golf cart ride away from every property within the community. The plan also allows for a great deal of open “green” space, parks and trails.
Papagayo Estates’ Master Plan offers 70 very large estate lots ranging in size from two to three acres and 30 smaller villa lots ranging in size from 1/4 to 1/3 of an acre. The small number of properties available will ensure the community’s exclusivity in perpetuity.


Papagayo Estates’ co ownership options start as low as $129K, whole ownership building lots start as low as $150K and whole ownership homes start as low as $699K. With very low down payment requirements and guaranteed low interest financing, we’ve made the dream of owning a piece of paradise within reach for almost everyone

Papagayo Estates' Home Models

All residences are designed to connect with their tropical surroundings by incorporating the natural vegetation through internal gardens, open spaces and green roofs, which improves the air quality and reduces the effect of heat. They combine natural elements and materials such as certified woods, cellular concrete, metal, bamboo, steel, glass and natural stones to achieve a modern yet elegant appearance. The orientation of natural sunlight and ventilation through their openings also add to the overall comfort and ambiance. In addition, all residences feature chemical-free natural pools which create an even more pleasurable experience when enjoying the outdoors.


This two bedroom (plus office) home is an architectural masterpiece. Although this type of architecture is a modern trend in other countries, it has been adapted and “tropicalized” to take advantage of the dimensions and natural beauty of each home site. With large covered terraces, cross ventilation and green roofs that reduce temperature, this residence becomes an excellent economical option without sacrificing design, beauty, luxury or comfort.


This four bedroom residence (with two master suites and a roof deck) is characterized by architecture that is focused on modern beauty and sustainability. Eco-friendly materials and advanced technologies are used to minimize the environmental impact. All of the architectural elements are designed to perfectly blend with our smaller, more narrow lots. The entire design revolves around a central patio with a natural pool and flowing water, which becomes the focal point of each space in the house.


As its name suggests, this three bedroom (plus office and bonus room) residence seeks to evoke a true sense of harmony. The main structure is broken down into multiple zen like spaces which blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Water is used as a central element in this design, from the entrance, to the pool and to the meditation spaces. A private spa is incorporated in the massive master bedroom suite. The entire home gives a sense of ambiance that is in true harmony with the natural beauty of the outdoors..


The home design’s name comes from the feeling that the residents experience the minute they enter this welcome, warm environment. This four bedroom masterpiece (plus office and entertainment room) incorporates an incredible array of beautiful natural materials while the design allows for consistent cooling breezes from the internal gardens. With double-height ceilings throughout and a living room which is completely surrounded by nature and water, this home is “one of a kind”. The residence has two master bedrooms and simply amazing outdoor spaces which blend seamlessly with the entire home. It is truly an expansive residence, designed to share unforgettable moments with large families and groups of friends.